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Fully automatic rotary screen cleaning system "Zwergle", 2nd generation:

Available in 3 models:

>Zwergle/1 (Standard) for 1 rotation screen

>Zwergle/2 with pneumatic driven turntable for different screenwidths and diameters

>Zwergle/3 for 1 rotaion screen and 1 floodbar

Comissioning in ca. 10 minutes !
> setting up the Zwergle, connect compressed air and exhaust connection, connect full cleanser can, insert rotary screen, close the cover and play up !

3 patents:
- impeller
Nr.20 2011 005 529.9
- docking unit for standard cans
Nr.20.2010.014 135.4
- 2-stage door
Nr.20.2014.006 731.7

- pneum. controlling and timing
- pneum. diaphragm pump
- simple in front loading and unloading


fully automatic screen cleaning machine for different screen widths and diameters

- with pneumatic driven turntable (
pat-nr.20 2011 005 529.9)
- lateral docking unit


- for cleaning 1 rotation screen and 1 floodbar

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